Color Theory


Colors are very important. They make things look good and bright,
whether it is your artwork presentation or the cloth that you wear. However, it
is very difficult to know which color combination blends well and that is where
color theory comes in. Color theory is an art used to create harmonious color combination
that are pleasing to the senses and the eye. Color theory is very important because
it enables us to understand how colors can be blended, coordinated, arranged
and related to each another. By understanding color theory, you will actually get
to know why some colors blend well while other don’t. Color theory is all about
the visual effects of colors.


Why color theory is so important


  1. It helps you learn how to use colors effectively


If you work in the art industry, then you definitely know
that colors make a huge difference both in branding and marketing. In fact, the
blends of colors that you use on your artwork can determine if your target audience
will like it or not. Color theory will help you know how to use colors effectively.
You will know how to mix the right blend of colors it order to get an outcome
that will be visually pleasing to your audience.


  1. It helps to influence the perception of customers


The blend of colors that you use on your brand can influence
the perception of your audience. It is up to you to determine which colors will
capture the attention of your customers and influence them to take an action. By
learning about color theory, you will be able to learn color branding techniques
that will help you connect better with your target audience. Color theory can
help to strengthen brand consumer relationship as well as increase your profit


  1. It helps to define a brand


Various studies have shown that up to 90% of people asses
brand based on colors alone. This means that brand color is one of the main
factor that influence customer behavior. The product or services that you offer
should actually correspond to the color that you use. In other words, the personality of your product
or service must be reflected in the brand’s color. Color theory will help you
choose the best brand color that will blend well with your brand personality. It
will help you choose colors that will effectively suit the characteristics of
products or services that you render to your esteem customers. It will help you
choose colors that will differentiate you from your competitors.


  1. It helps to build trust and customer loyalty


Consistency is very important in branding. It helps to build
customer loyalty and trust. As a business owner, it is very important to earn customer
trust. If the color and tone of your brand changes frequently or if your brand color
is inconsistent, then you can easily damage the perception of customers. Color
theory can help you build a consistent brand image that will help strengthen
your relationship with your audience by creating greater familiarity.



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